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Philippe Devaux (France)

After his experience at Mérieux Philippe continues his career in Corporate Education, acting as Principal Consultant at Global Council of Corporate Universities (GlobalCCU) to share his expertise and extend the international footprint of the organization, and alsoas an executive coach to serve leaders and talents to develop their impact and influence.

In 2007 he joined bioMérieux, one of the leading companies in the In Vitro Diagnosis with the mission to create bioMérieux University, the Learning and Development organization at global level, and in 2102 Mérieux Université to serve all companies of the Institut Mérieux group worldwide.

Philippe has over 20 years of experience of transformation and competency development in Senior Leadership roles in marketing and sales with Danone and the Mars group in European environments.

Philippe is graduated from HEC MBA, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Korn&Ferry-Lominger and Success Insights certified.


Philippe Devaux

Julia Feng (China)

Julia’s coaching experience:
Julia’ has over 17 years business experience across real estate, manufacturing, industrial and consumer products and education. She has worked with several large organizations like Hyundai, Grey China, Air International, Siemens, Rutgers Business School delivering change and training . She has worked across cultures as a Learning Consultant and coach . She is skilled in assessment, has business and coaching qualitifications and is currently working on developing her own coaching methodology called LOVE.

Julia’sapproachto executive coaching:
She helps clients identify and prioritize their learning needs and jointly develop the learning solutions to meet their needs. Her focus on performance ensures that solutions are pragmatic and measurable.


Julia Feng

Christian Le Mellec (France)

Coach since2008, Christian accompaniesmanagers and business managers in theirprofessionaldevelopment.He accompaniesas wellas theirteam.

Christian encourages the growthof hisclients to enablethemto takea fundamentalstepin theirdevelopment.

In the field of team coaching, Christian likes to work on the team’s collective intelligence and performance, with a particular focus on leadership development. Heapplies a systemic approach so that the intended changes are sustainable.

Herelies in particular on the Human Element approach that he developed particularly inmany companies. In addition, he enriched his approach by the practiceofMindfulness. Previously, he created a human resources consulting company and a publishing house (Le Boisd’Orion). His initial training in human sciences opened him to the meeting with other cultures and ways of thinking. Heis very attentive to the new forms of management and accompanies organizations on the way of deep transformation.


Christian Le Mellec

Annette Metz (China)

Annette’s coaching experience :
Annette has enjoyed a career in the international trading business in various Sales and Marketing positions before becoming an HR Development Consultant. Her passion for growth and leadership development brought her to co-found the consultancy company CONBEN in Germany. In 2004 Annette relocated to Shanghai, were she set up the CONBEN representative office. Since then she supports management teams of international companies in China, South East Asia and India in their leadership development. In addition to her corporate business experience, her expertise is based on her European Business Studies (in D, F, GR), her Master of European Marketing Management (in UK) as well as advanced trainings in the fields of behavioral therapy and systemic organizational development.  Development of international managers and global business leaders in behavioral topics (e.g. leadership, self-development) through trainings, workshops, coaching Process consulting (e.g. accompany vision and strategy processes, workshop facilitation) Intercultural communication and cooperation topics in multinational companies (e.g. teambuilding, team performance).

Annette’s approach to executive coaching : 

With her very appreciative approach, Annette encourages her clients as process facilitator and leadership trainer to utilize the diversity in their teams. This approach enhances individual capabilities as well as trustful relationship building and with this supports individuals and organizations in reaching their targets.


Annette Metz

Laurence Medrjevetzki (France)

Laurence’s coaching experience :
Laurence is an executive coach who works mainly in international environments. She has spent the last 13 years helping leaders, teams and organizations develop their potential in changing backgrounds. Laurence has almost always worked and lived in international environments. She grew up in Mexico and the United States. Since she started her career in 1991, she has always sought multicultural working backgrounds which are quite natural for her. She certified in coaching and started her practice in 2005. Formerly, she began her career as an International Business Lawyer and worked later on as Organizational Consultant before holding a position as Managing Director of the French subsidiary a European Group. In her daily work in global organizations, she helps executives grow their capabilities, leadership and potential in order to obtain performance and achievement in the workplace. When working with teams, she sets up a frame and working conditions that foster relationships, technical cooperation and coordination among team members so that decisions are implemented and results successfully achieved. Laurence also adapts to her clients and their cultures and gets closer to them by being able to work in three different languages. She coaches and facilitates on a regular basis in French, English or Spanish. She is passionate about innovative management for the organizations of the XXIst century.

Laurence’s approach to executive coaching : 

In her coaching practice, Laurence focuses on autonomy, making authentic choices, building open relationships and individual and collective maturity. She is a strong believer in collective intelligence and thus helps individuals and teams foster cooperation and agility.


Laurence Medrjevetzki

Mary Rezek (USA and China)

Mary’s coaching experience:
She is known to ask the tough questions that incite awareness and inspire change. Mary enables leaders to find a new way forward, witness behavior change to gain better results.
Mary has accumulated over 25 years of on-the-ground experience of coaching executives from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, the U.S., Australia, the U.K amongst others. Mary works with start-ups and Fortune 500s. Her list of clients include Google, Swire Group, GAP Inc., Cathay Pacific, FUCHS Petroleum, Accenture, Apple, The Silk Initiative, Redfern Associates, Schneider Electric, Phillip Morris, Air New Zealand, IKEA, Kimberly-Clark and more.

Mary’sapproachto executive coaching:
Drawing upon her vast toolkit of experience, Mary developed her signature 3D coaching approach: Distill. Disrupt. Defibrillate. This approach enables leaders to better navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous new world, by equipping them with the insights they require for greater personal and professional impact across their domain.


Mary Rezek
(USA and China)

Flavienne Sapaly (France)

Flavienne’s coaching experience:
Coach and adviser for leaders, Flavienne accompanies organisations, teams and individuals in change after more than 10 years as director in investment banks.  Certified Coach and team© since 2002, accredited by the european Association for coaching, and trained to many different approach of humanistic psychology and sociology, she use analytics, systemistics and symbolics tools. She is an expert in authentic leadership, identity and cultural work, trust and cooperation in team work, and facilitation during relationship or personal crisis (Ex : burn out). She is a specialist of the Human Element© approach for many years, wich supports in-depth work on the self-esteem of leaders and its impact on team performance. In the same time, she supervises coaches and is involved with entrepreneurs around a reflection about “ non violent business” and “female leadership”.

Flavienne’sapproachto executive coaching:
The power of Flavienne’s coaching style is coming from the way she enables leaders to be more aware and connected with their aliveness so that they can make choices despite an uncertain and complex world. Her experience of women as a leader of a big team facilitate her understanding of the business stakes and the necessity to conciliate strategy and emotions, to identify strengths and accept vulnerabilites, to align operational objectives with a deeper meaning of the actions. As a team coach she has a specific approach of « team alignment » that helps the leader and his team to align their goals with their feelings between them self and with their environment.


Flavienne Sapaly

Moments de respiration de l’équipe pendant les dernières sessions 2018 du programme « Women in Leadership » chez Schneider à Boston et à Barcelone.

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